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I wanted something daring and dangerous to spice up my online sex life and then I discovered hotlegs123. He really isn’t something that you can see every day. His online presence on MyTrannyCams certainly cannot go unnoticed because of the way he looks. He likes to role-play a lot, and vampires are his favorite theme. He uses colored contacts to express his eyes in different colors like yellow or red. It’s not something you usually find on a live cam porn site.

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He is really unique and puts on a good show. I really don’t remember that I was this much entertained by any other model. He is damn straight fabulous and dangerous at the same time. A deadly combination for those with weak hearts. The level of excitement he provides is unparalleled to any other model, and it’s exactly because of his uniqueness and style. He sports a nice pair of boobs which he had implanted to feel more feminine and he pulls it off real good.

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Those boobs really do look great on him. He has a slim body but he is shaped really good, girls could almost be jealous of his figure. He is very active, likes sports activities and keep his health under check. But in his spare time he transforms into a wild cat with vampire teeth and eyes and promises good time online. It’s everything a man could ask for. Before him, I never had any special experiences with a tranny but his performance changed my views about it completely. I cannot close my eyes and not think about him, my days are going by in search for him, there was a time I was very sad because he had not been online so much, and I missed his performance very much. While he was away I kept voting and sending him surprises so that he can be cheerful.

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